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Moon River is a tourism real estate complex project entrusted by Oversea China Town(OCT) Group in Zhouzhuang. The project uses modern design approaches and southern Chinese culture to show the unique waterscape of Zhouzhuang, “the first water village in China”.The incorporation of cultural inheritance shows a high commitment to social,cultural,and ecological values.
Waterfront Landscape,
OCT , Wuhan
The project site conjuncts East Lake, a national place of sightseeing and Yangchunhu New City Cluster, linking natural ecological space and modern urban space. Therefore it is defined as an important iconic nodes features diversified urban landscape integrating modernism, ecology, art and culture.
Green Valley Ecogolical Park, Dalian
Actually the mountain park can naturally display the culture of the industry park. On the analysis of the city historic context and natural element and humanistic factors of the site and surrounding, the designer makes a thorough consideration on its ecology and focus on the concept of post-modernity, giving a respect on humanism and activity space.
CITIC Park, Huiyang
Urban development strategy, like the economic diverse cooperation and integrated urban development, makes intercity functional complement between interdependence and common development. Huizhou, one of the core cities of the urban agglomeration is developing rapidly by virtue of its unique resources advantages.
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