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Pure 33
Shenzhen China
Located in the east of Shenzhen Dapeng New district, which is planned as a world-class coastal eco-resort, Pure 33 Project lies in the place where Dapeng Tourist Service Center and Xiasha Diefu tourism meet. The site possesses local prominent natural resources, offering an atmosphere of seclusion and tranquility.An ecological leisure space with identified characteristics is created through various professional teams’ cooperation to fulfill full value of the project itself.
Moon River-Wetland Park
Moon River is a tourism real estate complex project entrusted by Oversea China Town(OCT) Group in Zhouzhuang. The project uses modern design approaches and southern Chinese culture to show the unique waterscape of Zhouzhuang, “the first water village in China”.The incorporation of cultural inheritance shows a high commitment to social,cultural,and ecological values.
Waterfront Landscape,
OCT , Wuhan
The project site conjuncts East Lake, a national place of sightseeing and Yangchunhu New City Cluster, linking natural ecological space and modern urban space. Therefore it is defined as an important iconic nodes features diversified urban landscape integrating modernism, ecology, art and culture.
TangYue •VanKe,
Tangyue Inner Lake follows a brief approach for waterfront view design. Streamline connects every node with sculpture and waterfront platform, creating cozy scale and comfortable walkway.
International Business Park
Jinke, Wuxi
Under the blue sky, white cloud, red tiles, white walls and infinite lavender extend to the sea far way. Warm sunshine casts in crude paint on the wall forming an abstract picture, red pomegranate blossom flags behind delicate ornamental iron gate .
Glamorous City,
Zhuhai, China
The project located in central district of Doumen District is adjacent to Baijiao high-tech park and Baiteng lake resort. Priority is given to Baijiao District during western Zhuhai development as the first-launched area, a central node of all directions of transportation.
Ocean World,
Shenzhen, China
Ocean World is located in the north part of Shekou ferry terminal with the landmark of a luxury cruise built by France in 1962. It was broken down in the sea area where the sea water has substituted by land due to local city construction.
Peninsula City, Shenzhen
The design concept ---“modern, fashionable, healthy, leisure” shows the original Australian leisure culture.
Taiping Financial Tower
This project is located opposite to the Civic Plaza which is covered with green plants everywhere. Existing coordinate vertical to the city axis and polar axis coordinate form two inclining axises within the site. The layout follows such axis connecting surrounding urban landscape, natural views and architectures.
CITIC New City,
The project is located in Daya Bay city center of Huiyang and boosted by construction of rail transport and inter-provincial transportation.
Central Area Plaza,
Shenzhen is a city integrated both elegant natural elements --- mountains and the sea. This topography has a full display in the center axis of the city’s central district, which connects Lianhua Mountain in the north with the sea in the south. Therefore, how to embody the characteristics of the natural elements in the design becomes an inevitable connotation, namely, the principle of nature.
Nanyi Plaza, Fujian
"Diamond-like charming”of the Nanyi Plaza embodies noble and fashionable taste, calling for excellence and eternity. Framed spatial structure manifests a western-style architectural frame and partition and pays attention to their relations between partitions and vertical line.
OCT Rose Plaza,
The plaza, located on the space functional axis of Tang Lang Mountain -OCT-Shenzhen Bay, also lies in the continuous landscape areas consisting of Yan Han Mountain Park, OCT Ecological Plaza, Walmart Commercial Plaza, Sculpture Plaza and OCT Theme Plaza. It serves as a pedestrian landscape platform across Shenzhen Rd.
Literature middle school
Through two corridors of the same texture, different functions are linked. According to the existing level difference, multi-level shrubs are planted to divide the area into several units to identify the outdoor leisure and studying space.
GEMDALE Villas Du Lac
GEMDALE VILLAS du LAC is located in Guanlan adit Reservoir Area, Shenzhen where natural heritage is well preserved. It is also the fourth lake front residence after Silver Lake, Xiangmi Lake, OTC Area and Tiegang Reservoir.
Ocean City, Zhongshan
Zhongshan Sino-Ocean , is known as an international dwelling model with its perspective and crafted model, dominating the future Zhongshan city---South Zimaling District and embraced with the 3 national A-level ecological protection zone that is Wugui Mount , Jinzi mount and Zimaling ecological zones.
Hot Spring & Water Village Villa, Rongqiao,Fujian
An interesting natural space is created by using the landform variation according to the landform and plantings to show the simple natural style
University Park City Jinke, Chengdu
The project is originated from the European typical nobleman-life-style concept, Fontainebleau Palace . Park’s intention originates from the Europe city idea.
Merchants Buena Vista
This town centers on Xishan, 202 meters of altitude, embraced by three-direction mountains. Cross the road is Baoan park of 720,000 square meters, adjacent to the 4-kilometer Tiegang Reservoir and the Xinli Reservoir.
OCT Yanhan Cluster,
Yanhan Mount is the unique mountain park in OCT zone. The project site is just located at corner of this park, which is surrounded with trees, lawn, and water are brought into the site to create an amicable environment.
Topspring Hidden Valley,
The space of Hidden Valley is serene, natural, and noble. Combined architecture with indoor characteristics, it shows a unique living space.
Vanke City, Huizhou
Theme is deprived of tropical foliage and flowers image forming a specialized decorative with art-deco architecture.
Qianlizoudanqi Resort,
Our design aims to fully exploit the regional potential character! This beautiful scenic resort is endowed with wandering mountain and lasting culture which is applied in regional development focusing on "water" and "culture" theme to sustain a harmonious development between nature and human.
City Lakeside center,
The planning scheme we have put forward is a balanced, integrated and creative one, filled with the full understanding and exploration of the unique characteristics of the water town, expressing the wishes and poetic emotion to create a waterfront ecological city center, which can reflect the distinctive features of the times.
Moon River Sample Villa
Voll Verdienst, doch dichterisch,wohnet der Mensch auf dieser Erde (Germany) . ---Life, which makes people and space abundant and various, extends people’s feeling in the space, tightens and prolongs the relationship of people and surroundings, hard to break. We get a dip of the meaning of life through the long-time experience.
CITIC Coral County
Free, relaxed, leisurely life is the life style here, returning to the soul of nature, to public meetings, neighborhood communication, and enjoying private self or family life. The quality of culture goes beyond pure natural spirit, immigrant and native cultures and inheritance.
VANKE Golden Paradise
The landscape design sets an exemplary balance between the modern life and natural elements, and also improves the living quality to a higher level.
Wanda Plaza,
Case study upon the project shows the prevailing traits: Bohai economic circle of OCEAN IMPRESSION, the north starting point for the south -north water traffic on the Beijing-Hangzhou the Grand Canal (a multi-culture carrier), the international modernization in the future planning, new downtown in scaled regional development, composite city complex, the aesthetic curve of facade of modern commercial building.
Green Valley Ecogolical Park, Dalian
Actually the mountain park can naturally display the culture of the industry park. On the analysis of the city historic context and natural element and humanistic factors of the site and surrounding, the designer makes a thorough consideration on its ecology and focus on the concept of post-modernity, giving a respect on humanism and activity space.
Future Capital,
Future Capital Changzhou is targeted at urban luxury living space. Landscape planning is composed of grand landscape clusters enclosed by high-rises spots. Two gardens are formed by semi-underground basement which perfectly separates vehicles and pedestrians.
Nowadays modern urban residents live and work in the concrete forest with heavier stress than ever before. So how to create better dwelling space is a key direction for the landscape design research in recent years.
COP International Community
B3 block
Various-level standard within the location also brings constrains upon the project. Given this background , we have to seek a certain brilliant design inspiration to endow a vivid living environment harmoniously integrated the residents, ecology and landscape art.
Maple Stream, Xi'an
Central/ecology/ culture/value Exterior- ever-lasting water culture carries the city’s temperament, lying east to Bahe River(one of 8 water resource of Xi’an), against to the lake.
Golden Coast•Fuzhou
The landscape of this group of distinguished villas and surrounding high-rise is not only simply Chinese traditional garden , but also a mix of modernity with the influence of Japanese style. The use of natural materials brings a feeling of modesty and simplicity.
University Park City Jinke
Guided by the concept of“getting close to nature and merging into nature”, emphasizing exchange between human and nature, we spare no effort to create a“countryside park”.
CITIC Park, Huiyang
Urban development strategy, like the economic diverse cooperation and integrated urban development, makes intercity functional complement between interdependence and common development. Huizhou, one of the core cities of the urban agglomeration is developing rapidly by virtue of its unique resources advantages.
KONKA GROUP PLAZA Recongtruction
Konka Group Shennan Square is identified as focal point of Konka in Shenzhen as well as an impervious space node for existing exhibition and experience and transportation. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Group, a renovated, exterior exhibition space is embedded with Konka culture and image. The global hi-tech industry image is carried through a brief but modern style.
Diamond Peninsula Hotel, located in north bank of Dongya Lake, Qishi town, is a large comprehensive five-star standardized hotel combining tourism, dinning and accommodation, business conference and entertainment.
CITIC Coral County
Free, relaxed, leisurely life is the life style here, returning to the soul of nature, to public meetings, neighborhood communication, and enjoying private self or family life.The quality of culture goes beyond pure natural spirit, immigrant and native cultures and inheritance.
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