In 2008, Corporate Members of American Society of Landscape Architects(ASLA)
In 2007, Annual Top Ten Overseas Design Organization
In 2006, Exclusive membership of Japan-China Landscape Forum(JCLF)

Project Award :
On 24th Nov,2013, PURE 33 in Shenzhen was granted as“Annual Creation of the 5th China Real Estate Annual Forum”.
In Aug. 2013, the six phase of Vanke Oriental World in Shenzhen was honored the second of the annual best villas in the 8th Kinpan Awards.
In Aug. 2013, Shenzhen Buena Vista was credited as the first in the 8th annual best villa in Kinpan Awards.
In July 2013, Purple Lake entered in “the Gold Nugget Awards”.
In 2011 Fujian Quanzhou Zhongyunzhou International Sea view Garden was honored as“China Creative and Exemplary Residential Design Project”.
In 2010 Jinke Bridge Corridor Along River became the “ Exemplary Modern Garden City” and gained“Top Residential Prize China Golden”.
In 2009, Jinke Sun Coast was awarded as“Gold prize of China Original View Project”.
In 2009, Future Capital gained a nickname of“Top Ten as Best Ecological Project villa”.
In 2009, Ningbo Guangbo Sunshine Garden was awarded as “The Best Ecological Project”.
In 2008, Vanke Oriental World merited as “Global Forum on Human Settlements”.
In 2008, XiangYu Estate•Beautiful chang-nan was honored as “Global Forum on Human Settlements”.
In 2006, Fuzhou Family Town was named as “The Best Ecological Project” and “The Best Investment Deserving Project”.
In 2006, Fuzhou Zhongtian Golden Coast gained the Gold prize of China Original View Project.
In 2006, Quanzhou Zhongti Olympic Garden was awarded as “Annual CIHAF Famous Project”.
In 2006, Winsan Dream of Land, Fuzhou was granted as “the Demonstration of China’s Villa Estate”.
In 2006, In 2006,Rong Qiao JiangNan Water Town, Fuzhou honored as Gold prize of Global Happiness Index Inhabitation Award.
In 2006,Shore Project, Kunming was granted as “the most Potential Landscape Planning Award of Yunnan Real Estate Hero”.
In 2005, Fujian Confucians Town was named as “Excellent Residential Environment”,”National Exemplary Comfortable Residence Project; and “National Exemplary Green Dwelling” respectively.
In 2005, Longhu Blue lake was honored as “China Top Ten Villa brand”.
In 2005, Fujian Rongqiao Hotspring River Villa was granted as 2005 China International Gardening Community by International Park Association and International Garden Community Committee as well as the most prestigious villa in Fuzhou by Sofang Net and Real Estate Elite in Fuzhou.
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