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Urban design
Glamorous City,
Zhuhai, China
The project located in central district of Doumen District is adjacent to Baijiao high-tech park and Baiteng lake resort. Priority is given to Baijiao District during western Zhuhai development as the first-launched area, a central node of all directions of transportation.
Ocean World,
Shenzhen, China
Ocean World is located in the north part of Shekou ferry terminal with the landmark of a luxury cruise built by France in 1962. It was broken down in the sea area where the sea water has substituted by land due to local city construction.
Nanyi Plaza, Fujian
"Diamond-like charming”of the Nanyi Plaza embodies noble and fashionable taste, calling for excellence and eternity. Framed spatial structure manifests a western-style architectural frame and partition and pays attention to their relations between partitions and vertical line.
Wanda Plaza,
Case study upon the project shows the prevailing traits: Bohai economic circle of OCEAN IMPRESSION, the north starting point for the south -north water traffic on the Beijing-Hangzhou the Grand Canal (a multi-culture carrier), the international modernization in the future planning, new downtown in scaled regional development, composite city complex, the aesthetic curve of facade of modern commercial building.
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