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Urban design
Taiping Financial Tower
This project is located opposite to the Civic Plaza which is covered with green plants everywhere. Existing coordinate vertical to the city axis and polar axis coordinate form two inclining axises within the site. The layout follows such axis connecting surrounding urban landscape, natural views and architectures.
Nanyi Plaza, Fujian
"Diamond-like charming”of the Nanyi Plaza embodies noble and fashionable taste, calling for excellence and eternity. Framed spatial structure manifests a western-style architectural frame and partition and pays attention to their relations between partitions and vertical line.
Literature middle school
Through two corridors of the same texture, different functions are linked. According to the existing level difference, multi-level shrubs are planted to divide the area into several units to identify the outdoor leisure and studying space.
KONKA GROUP PLAZA Recongtruction
Konka Group Shennan Square is identified as focal point of Konka in Shenzhen as well as an impervious space node for existing exhibition and experience and transportation. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Group, a renovated, exterior exhibition space is embedded with Konka culture and image. The global hi-tech industry image is carried through a brief but modern style.
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