Recently the editor and the fellow workers have been busy with one big more
he Bell of New Year Is Going to Ring. In the Last Four Days of 2015, ASL Wishes You more
n November 2015, 5 ASL colleagues (4directors and 1 project manager) together with over 40 outstanding landscapedesigners from across more
As the fairest non-governmental real estate development awards in China, Kinpan Awards chronicles the progresses of China’s real estate industry in the form of yearbook, devoted to benchmarking the real estate products. Levering the multi-channel branding advantages of and Times House magazine as well as its unrivaled experience and resources accumulated in many years, Kinpan Awards aims more
On the afternoon of 15th July, teachers and students majoring in Environmental Art from Design College of SFAI came to visit us. The spacious office area instantly bustled with liveliness and excitement with the influx of over a hundred people. The office space and art-wares designed by our designers attracted much attention and amazement of our more
On the afternoon of 15th July, teachers and students majoring in Environmental Art from Design College of SFAI came to visit us. The spacious office area instantly bustled with liveliness and excitement with the influx of over a hundred people. The office space and art-wares designed by our designers attracted much attention and amazement of our more
On May 16th 2015, on the invitation of College of Art and Design Shenzhen University, ASL had the honor to act as technical judge for its oral examination of fresh graduates in 2015. This marked that ASL won the recognition of College of Art and Design Shenzhen University with its profound expertise and rigorous technicality. At this oral examination, the design director of ASL made comprehensive and thorough analysis and assessment of the graduation works of more
The Architectural New Media Awards, sponsored by Architectural New Media Association and organized by, took place as planned in the conference hall on the first floor of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University Shanghai. ASL design director and a project manager attended this more
Apr, 2015
READesignChina Award Final Judgments and Awards Ceremony was held in Shanghai international conference center, ASL’s senior designers were invited to attend. READesign China Award, which is jointly organized by China Real Estate Design Network and EUMake, and invited land agents’ design directors and senior scholars to be judges. After the public vote on the Internet and review of judges, from the numerous national architectural and landscape design companies’ submitting nearly 300 projects in the selection, 72 projects entered the next around. ASL had submitted five projects, and three of them won. They are Moon River Zhouzhuang, Pure33 and Chongqing Blue more
Dec, 2014
Reveal the friendship in the struggle, find happiness from the communication. On December 29, 4:00 PM, Excellence Group and ASL basketball athletes are gathered in the basketball court, and offered a wonderful basketball friendly match for both more
Dec, 2014
ASL’s simple office space, chic furniture, the overall artistic atmosphere, gets the favor of some art creators. Recently, the movie "the Gift" crew select ASL for micro-film shooting place. The film is a public propaganda of local tribute the development of Shenzhen more
Dec, 2014
On December 6th, D&E "G-S Journey" exchange team got into ASL. BLVD, LANDHOO, GVL, and Shenyang landscape department’s professionals all arrived. “Landscape & Architecture” was the medium of this activity for communication. After the simple introduction and interpretation to the development of more
Dec, 2014
"Light the Future" the second international light festival officially launched, lighted sea world. During the light festival, 10 creative lighting works are composed of more than 5000 LED lights, or regard city as creation, or imagine the future, or describe the bottom of the more
Nov, 2014
As one of activities in the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, on November 1st, 2014 China & France Shenzhen Shekou Creative BBS ", was launched in beautiful Shenzhen Shekou. ASL was invited to attend. The theme for BBS was "Ideas for the Future" more
Oce, 2014
ASL gradually formed its own features and cultural system after more than 10 years of development. With the continuous accumulation and improvement of enterprise comprehensive strength, and the fully connecting with international culture, ASL team decided to abandon the original visual more
Sep, 2014
In order to promote the harmonious development of the landscape industry, for establishing a teaching and showing stage to the graduates major in China's landscape architecture, landscape design, urban planning, architecture, art design or related professional college, Peking University institute of architecture and landscape design in combination with China building industry publishing house held "the 10th Landscape Design of National Universities Graduation Design Exhibition" more
Jul 30, 2014
This project is located in Lung Chau Bay in Banan district of Chongqing. To create a transition from the center of this city to the nature, it is the home of the forest park with enjoyment of half prosperity and half peace in mind. The project terrain falls naturally. The landscape not only uses the original landform but also blends fashion more
Jul 24, 2014
ASL, as a professional landscape design company, is definitely one of the most high-profile landscape design companies in this field. At the same time ASL has also been in touch with international landscape fields, which gains a lot attention and more
Jul 01, 2014
In July 2014, LANDSCAPE CHINA interviewed Huang Zhiyu, ASL Design Director about Emphasizing on Eco Lifestyle and Avocating Natural more
May 23, 2014
Moon River is the first large-scale tourist resort complex in Zhouzhuang, offering a package of vacation, arts and culture, business, conferences, residential and parks. Its landscape planning refers to draw Water Network and street or alley layout in the ancient town and oriental water culture through modern technique.
May 13,2014
In May 2014, Date with Zhulong interviewed Zhang Xuan, ASL Design Director about The Designer’s Memories of more
Dec, 2013
In Nov. 2013, ASL entered into the
3rd investigation group of the
American Architecture and
Landscape design. The group was
host by International New Landscape.
We visited and exchanged
information with MCM, Sasaki and
ARUP. In Dec,2013. Lee Kin Sun,
ASL Design Director’s production
The other shore is quite near, the side
is so far published in the Journals

American Society of Architects(ASLA)
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ASL fellowship conduct in-depth program with EarthScape, a merging Japanese
landscpae studio. Border Chairman Eiki Danzuka, presents his EarthScape’s typical desig
n lies in Lalaport, Toyosu, feature garden themed with 24 climate change and urban furnit
ure in Sinkumae residence. and answer questions. Jade Qin, Design Principal of ASL,
associate of Landscape Architect and She Yishuang, chief designer of Landscape China int
roduces their typical projects and exchange memorial more
Nov 09, 2013
As the important entrance node of the Ocean World in Nanshan area, feature pub street is also a important part of commercial, the index point of the historical context of the Ocean World. It symbolized the initial point for “sailing” more
Oct 28, 2013
Geodesign International Conference
(2013 ,Beijing)Announcement
Geodesign: Maximizing Beneficial Impacts

nterdisciplinary Conference and Call
to Action, Beijing, China, October

In order to further promote the development and application of Geodesign and promote the different subjects and areas of exchange. Peking University and ESRI will held a International Conference in Beijing on "geographical design (2013, Beijing)". The meeting will focus on "geographical design: Theory and practice of the relationship optimization between design . Exchange and discussion covers keynote speeches, seminars and papers with participation of famous scholar. Peking University and ESRI Company invites people to attend and participate in domestic and foreign academic and practical exchanges, and jointly promote the Geodesign on the more
Aug 20, 2013
Located in Dapeng New District, east Shenzhen, a world class seaside ecological resort more
Oct 09, 2012
This interview aims open a channel for young designers to exchange idea and show more
Oct, 2012
Dec. 2012, ASL typical project is listed in exhibition tour and online show of 2012 National Renowned
Landscape project host by College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Peking University.
The exhibition lasts 10 months in universities nationwide together with online more

Jul 12, 2008
Dalian Yida Our experts will design the Dalian Software Park Green Valley Park Ecological Park be reviewed and unanimously adopted
Mar 12, 2008
Attended the Tianjin Software Park, a landscape and the successful tender.
Oct 31, 2009
Currently, most estate opponent in Zhejiang market use classical spatial elements to interpret the
nobility of project. Axis is indispensable space control line, and further forms nodes like plaza, but
this is not all about Chinese pursuit of beauty. Living with courtyard, mountain and water is the
culture rooted deeply in Chinese people’s mind. Elements of different style are the appearance of
beauty. Overlap culture and landscape elements is the guiding discipline in our design, which has
already been well practiced in the 16th century natural scenery garden. Courtyard is more
Mar 12, 2006
In 2006, Fuzhou Zhongtian Golden Coast as Gold prize of China OringialView Project
Apr, 2004
Our design for Shenzhen Civic Center Plaza & South Middle Axis Landscape Design enters
bidding host by Urban Planning Land and Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality&
Shenzhen Land Investment Developing Center. This design results from mutual effort of
Shenzhen Urban Planning more
he 2nd China Design Exhibition is ongoing and the Moon River, designed by ASL as a comprehensive tourism resort project is shortlisted under landscape category and exhibited in the central exhibition more
Zhouzhuang Village impresses the world as the No. 1 water village by the south of Yangtze River. That “the town is embraced by water and boat is a must for transport” reflects the life in this village the best for thousands of years. Water is the soul of Zhouzhuang and its more
“The 2nd China Design Exhibition and Public Art Exhibition” jointly held by Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and the People’s more
t the beginning, the editor pays respect to the routine by exclaiming: How time flies!Having spent the whole day pondering over how to send the season’s greetings in the most gracious way, more
Liuxi Industrial Park Landslide Hits on 3:40 in the early morning of 23rdDec. Two Survivals Are Found. Rescue Work Has more
Art-Spring (Hong Long) Design Group is an international design company boasting unique planning as well as distinctive architectural and landscape design concepts. We always fulfill our commitments to the projects. With an elite team made up of overseas designers and overseas student designers as well as excellent designers inside our country, we combine the client demands with natural conditions and urban cultural heritages in developing a vivid and one-of-a-kind design to meet the pre-set goal of the more
On Nov. 27th 2015, China’s most prestigious public-interest real estate award-2015 China Top 100 Real Estate Firms Summit & Jiunuo 10th Kinpan Awards took place in Beijing. A grand ceremony was held to award prizes to excellent real estate projects in China. ASL's design work-Shenzhen PURE33-won the best residential project award, and Shenzhen Bay No. 1 won the best commercial project more
Feb, 2015
Time flows, after years of baptism, the Spring Festival is still "Chinese knot" in the heart of China descendants, which is the charm of culture, is the blood of the East. When I was a child, at the end of year, the red paper and auspicious words are the blessings of the good life for the next more
Feb, 2015
Every time in the end of the year, design of annual dinner by every company becomes once again a storm of innovative thoughts. In 2015, ASL herself, used a red carpet, bundles of red roses, with black and white color office space to create a strong visual impact, making the office transform to a more
Dec, 2014
What is your dream for Christmas? Is it still being Santa Claus, Christmas gifts, elk, and the fairy tale world surrounded by Christmas carriage, or the shopping mall decorated with Christmas trees, lights, and balloons? On the Christmas Eve, ASL’s "Santa Claus” already prepared Christmas gifts for everyone. When "Jingle bells" rang, "2015 Run, ASL" launched! Friends began to run in the space of the treasure hunt, harvest all kinds of Christmas gifts. Laughter filled the entire floor; everywhere was permeated with festive more
Dec, 2014
Vanke Tangyue Taoran Island and its 6A project are ASL’s performing design projects in 2010. Taoran island area won the 2014 9th Gold Plate Prize. Through the change of the terrain, ASL used the rational control of mountain, water, building more
Dec, 2014
During Shekou creative BBS week in 2014, ASL used "12th Anniversary Create Again" as the theme to celebrate; ASL’s classic projects from 2009 to 2014 years are compiled. Using the form of portfolio to show the way that ASL Landscape Design have passed for more than ten years, that is the gift to 12th more
Nov, 2014
To enrich employees’ amateur life, promoting in-depth development of employee’s activities, ASL 1st badminton final competition was held on November 21th, 2014, in Shenzhen Nanshan more
Oct, 2014
Sponsored by the architectural society of China "2014 National Residential Classic Architecture Planning Competition" prize award ceremony, was held in Beijing on October 26th. Through professional judges’ review, ASL’s Moon River Zhouzhuang project won environment gold more
Sep, 2014
On Sep. 23th, ASL’s design work” Launch Event for Opening New Daning Era and Xiangyu DaNingYue Mansion” opened grandly in Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel. ASL team was invited to attend this conference and was honored as BBS guests. ASL team discussed with the specialists more
In Progress:Ocean City C Land Commerce Project
Jul 07, 2014
Ocean Business area is the start zone of Zhongshan city's eastward expansion strategy. It bears the new CBD functions in the future. The project base is located in the center of Ocean Business circle. Its geographical position decides its advantage as a multi-functional business district. Project outreach interface is made of two main square spaces in the north and south and two leisure business landscape belt spaces. The internal recreational space is with two atriums in stereo space links the up and the down street as a whole, and enhances the effect of interest and visual experience to a commercial space, to make a modern interpretation by nature and experience different landscape park. At present, Zhongshan Ocean C Block Commercial Complex project' s landscape design been completed, and the project is going on
May 23, 2014
In May 2014. ASL moved to the
new address, SheKou Internet
Valley, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen. The working
environment is totally upgraded
and the surrounding facilities are
greatly improved. More perfect
facilities and stronger design
group will provide better
products for more

4F,Building B, Vanrong Mansion,
No1029, Nanhai Ave, Nanshan
District, Shenzhen, China
ASL Was Invited To Oral Defense For Shenzhen University 2014 Environmental Art undergraduate students’ Graduation.
May 17, 2014
In May 2014, ASL Director of the Design Director Chun Leung Yuk was invited to Oral Defense for Shenzhen University 2014 Environmental Art undergraduate students’ Graduation During the process of the defense,students had academic communication and interaction with many invited judges of the same industry, the atmosphere was very strong. In the meantime, oral defense showed a lot of excellent graduating design works.
Original Landscape Design Practice Of The Supporting Project For Moon River
Apr, 2014
In Apr. 2014, Chun Leung Yuk , ASL Chief Designer’s Moon River Tourism Real Estate Complex Project was published in the Original Practices Column,LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE FRONTIERS.
The 5th Chinese Famous Landscape Enterprises’ Tour of Outstanding Works
Mar, 2014
In 2014, ASL participated in the selection of the 5th Chinese famous landscape enterprises’ tour of outstanding works—college students’ favorite landscape design award.
Jan, 2014
On January 18th, 2004 All colleagues in ASL were gathered for a most joyous occasion to witness a brilliant creativity feast in the afternoon! We shared the glory and achievements in 2013; we compact the originality and attitude of "ReDo"; and we build up the hope and Goal of 2014! We believe that ASL's youth of 11 years old will be in a better state to meet more more
Aug 12, 2013
Received an invitation as the 2013 Ninth National University Landscape Design Graduation Exhibition judges, students participating in this year's exhibition more
The 9th Chinese
Landscape Architecture
Graduate Works
Aug 03, 2013

May 08, 2013

Design Dialogue+ Real Estate &2012 International New Landscape Concil is host in
Hall, Building B, college of Archituture and Urban Planning Tongji University.
Forum Theme : Possibility Of Tourism Property And Landscape Design
As tremendous change happening in pattern of tourism real estate, the more
Sep 02, 2013
Life, which makes people and space abundant and various, extends people’s feeling in the
space, tightens and prolongs the relationship of people and surroundings, hard to break.
We get a dip of the meaning of life through the long time experience.
Moon River is the first large-scale tourist resort complex in Zhouzhuang, integrating a
package of vacation, arts and more
Jul 20, 2012
"Art and Life – OCT Intergrated Modern Service Industry Development Model Conference"
was held in OCT-LOFT center. This conference is organized by the Shenzhen Overseas
Chinese Town Co., Ltd., co-organized by Shenzhen OCT real estate company
contractors and artistic supported by He Xiangning Art Museum, OCT Loft Creation
Development Co., OCT Contemporary Art Center and Hua more
Dec 19, 2011
During 9th and 10th , Dec. 2011 China International Real Estate & Architectural Technology Fair( short as
CIHAF ) is hold on Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Principals and related professional
Urban planning and landscape design agencies. Participants give deep describe and discussion upon
the key note , that is , landscape design in evolution –residential estate, commercial property, low carbon
Conny Lee, the current general manager of ASL addresses this issue with the speech named “New
Landscape, New Mission” which rises hot discussion among elite in site.
56CIHAF leading media all covers this event. Among them, China Real Estate Business also publishes
noticeable essays from this more
Jul 12, 2010
Jinke Bridge Corridor Along River as Exemplary Modern Garden City and Top Residential Prize China Golden
Apr 26, 2008
The Peninsula Phase II press conference is open in its clubhouse on 26th, April , 2008. Attendance
including this press are design team representatives, phase 1 . Jade Qin, general manager of HongKong
Art –spring Architecture Plannning & Landscape Design delivers a brief speech on its landscape more
Dec 25, 2007
A 10th anniversary of ASL foundation is hold in Mooka Space, OCT. Real Estate partner
and design cooperate are also invited to join our more
Aug 12, 2006
August 2006, the company relocated to Shenzhen OCT Loft two, one thousand over flat office space, designers nearly 100 people, more sophisticated configuration and more powerful design team to provide customers with better products
Oct 12, 2006
Exclusive membership of Japan-China Landscape Foudation
Oct, 1998 -2002
In cooperation with the Shenzhen landscape the way to establish a real estate project with OCT partnership with mainland property developers opened the door to cooperation.November 2002, in order to strengthen cooperation with the mainland property developers closely set up in Shenzhen landscape design company.
Oct 12, 1997
A group of passionate team of Chinese and foreign designers started their dream trip.
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