2013. 11. 09
Japan Suvey

ASL fellowship conduct in-depth program with EarthScape, a merging Japanese
landscpae studio. Border Chairman Eiki Danzuka, presents his EarthScape’s typical desig
n lies in Lalaport, Toyosu, feature garden themed with 24 climate change and urban furnit
ure in Sinkumae residence. and answer questions. Jade Qin, Design Principal of ASL,
associate of Landscape Architect and She Yishuang, chief designer of Landscape China int
roduces their typical projects and exchange memorial plate.

From left: Jade Qin, Yang Guibao; Eiki Danzuka; Yao Zhen, She Yishuang

Jade, principal presenting typical project

On site experience and exchange with local designers, ALS team gains further understanding on Janpan Urban scape planning and local character.
EarthScape was established by Mr. EIKI DANZUKA in 1999 with sculpture profession background. Mr. Eiki Danzuka set faith landscape design
integrated human and nature therefore the studio was name like this that mean scape in earth.
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