2009. 10. 31
Future Mansion granted as top 10 ecological villa in Yangtse River Delta

Currently, most estate opponent in Zhejiang market use classical spatial elements to interpret the
nobility of project. Axis is indispensable space control line, and further forms nodes like plaza, but
this is not all about Chinese pursuit of beauty. Living with courtyard, mountain and water is the
culture rooted deeply in Chinese people’s mind. Elements of different style are the appearance of
beauty. Overlap culture and landscape elements is the guiding discipline in our design, which has
already been well practiced in the 16th century natural scenery garden. Courtyard is the
integration of wall and gate, in the long history of China; it is the symbol of the whole family
status. Integrating architectural style and design element, we extend architectural appearance to
the exterior interface of the whole project. Noble mansion appearance was created, with
invisible landscape space inside. Interior garden binding with level difference create a natural
dynamic landscape space, architecture is no longer dominator but seems like grown up in
landscape. People linger in the garden having fun brought about by natural landscape.

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