2013. 09. 02
Wetland Hotel, Zhouzhuang in process

Life, which makes people and space abundant and various, extends people’s feeling in the
space, tightens and prolongs the relationship of people and surroundings, hard to break.
We get a dip of the meaning of life through the long time experience.
Moon River is the first large-scale tourist resort complex in Zhouzhuang, integrating a
package of vacation, arts and culture, business, conferences, residential and parks.
Its landscape planning refers to draw Water Network and street or alley layout in the ancient
town and oriental water culture through modern technique.
Merged with South Yangtse River heritage and wetlands condition, the wetland park is
organized with five areas: Lotus Pond, Rice field, floating island off long-shore, heron strolling
in shallow beach and waterfront promenade. The plan is envisioned of connecting space
named water market, waterside bank, fogged island, pavilion by sunset, songs in shipping boat
and ripping water which remind poetic association in Chinese.
Through cultural rendering, abstract the unique landscape element for each node through
impressionistic approach to interpret the Chinese space for people to appreciate the modern
South and southern culture.

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