2014. 07. 24
We Work for ASL <The Performance of the Graduates>

ASL, as a professional landscape design company, is definitely one of the most high-profile landscape design companies in this field. At the same time ASL has also been in touch with international landscape fields, which gains a lot attention and recognition.
Every year ASL received numerous job applications and intern applications from the domestic and foreign countries. We regard ASL as the first show stage of career, and ASL will make it rich and colorful with no doubt. People here may be a lucky dog but certainly is an excellent one, so we want to know the intern working in ASL, what kind of visionary thoughts are in their minds, and how fresh blood will they inject in ASL? ASL will hold seven performances of the graduates since Jul. 24th. The wonderful content will be reported to all of you, now let's look forward to their excellent performances!
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