2014. 09. 23
ASL team fills a high-level residential place for Shanghai ---- Xiangyu DaNingYue Mansion

On Sep. 23th, ASL’s design work” Launch Event for Opening New Daning Era and Xiangyu DaNingYue Mansion” opened grandly in Shanghai Baohua Marriott Hotel. ASL team was invited to attend this conference and was honored as BBS guests. ASL team discussed with the specialists on 【The Conversation of Daning’s Future High-Level BBS】, and they talked about Daning’s future strategic planning, development pattern of new Daning CBD core and its high-level luxury project "Xiangyu DaNing Yue Mansion".

The project is located in Shanghai Daning Heyday center, designed by ASL. ASL combines essence of the French garden and Shanghai aesthetic style, restore art space of Paris' eighth area ---- the upright, the symmetry of the French royal court type garden layout technique, the Monet garden, spindle garden and Cartmell garden, three theme garden and Vosges Square, Left bank Square and Claremont Spindle Square, they install in series to be a landscape masterpiece.

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