April 24th 2014
ASL's Design Work: Moonriver Zhouzhuang Has Won the Landscape Prize of the 2014 Architectural New Media Awards

The Architectural New Media Awards, sponsored by Architectural New Media Association and organized by www.ABBS.com.cn, took place as planned in the conference hall on the first floor of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University Shanghai. ASL design director and a project manager attended this ceremony. After over six months of on-line voting and review by a jury of judges, the Architectural New Media Awards have chosen 22 out of thousands of design works as the award-winners, including the Most Futuristic Project, the Most Livable Project, the Most Commercially Valuable Project, the Landscape Prize, the Interior Design Prize, the Conservation Prize, the Planning Prize, the Designer Prize, and the Special Prize by the Organizing Committee etc. ASL’s design work: Moonriver Zhouzhuang, a comprehensive sightseeing and holiday resort, has won the landscape prize and the special prize by the organizing committee. And the prizes were awarded by Yoshiki Toda, a renowned landscape design master in Japan, to ASL team.

Moonriver Zhouzhuang is another achievement made by Kangsheng Real Estate of the OCT group. Using modern design techniques, this design work carries forth the traditional culture of Southern China, and vividly represents the unique water scenery of Zhouzhuang, the most famous waterside town in our country. This project contains high social, economic, cultural and ecological values in terms of design as well as development and operation.

This project is centered on the theme of natural ecology. The water scenery of Zhouzhuang is extracted as characteristic elements of the landscape. The different spatial forms of water are used to represent the millennia-old culture of Southern China. The traditional cultural elements, such as the river bank, the shallow islet in the stream, the bridge, the port, and the corridor, and the pavilion are represented via modern techniques. A dialogue is formed between the materials used and the landscape elements, forming a different picture of the Southern China waterside town. The design of water culture in practice is aimed at realizing sustainability of the overall operation of the project.

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