Isn't It Such a Delight to Have Friends from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (SFAI)

On the afternoon of 15th July, teachers and students majoring in Environmental Art from Design College of SFAI came to visit us. The spacious office area instantly bustled with liveliness and excitement with the influx of over a hundred people. The office space and art-wares designed by our designers attracted much attention and amazement of our guests.

Mr. Sun, director of Business Development Department, and Mr. Wang, director of Administrative and HR Department, co-chaired the design exchange meeting and shared the history, spirit and goal of ASL. In the question-and-answer portion, the questions asked by the students involved the growing trend of the landscape industry and related specialty researches, showing that the students were well informed of the development of the industry instead of being isolated in the ivory tower.

ASL designers who were alumni of SFAI shared their professional and personal growth in ASL since graduation and offered much good advice to SFAI students.

During the time for free activities, students “surrounded and watched” designers at work, and some of them grasped the opportunity to make further inquiries. After they left the office area, SFAI guests visited Shenzhen Sea World (formerly ANCEVELLER), a landmark design by ASL. This was indeed a fruitful trip for our guests.

ASL embraced the visits of all friends and guests in the industry.
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