July 30th 2015
Let’s Embrace and Practice Ecological Charm and Green Vitality! ASL Team Explores Tea Stream Valley with Overflowing Enthusiasm

In an effort to get a deeper understanding of the relationship between man and nature, ASL landscape design team took an explorative tour in Tea Stream Valley in OCT East Theme Park, focusing on the natural and unnatural aspects of the landscape. It was a tour bubbling with fun. Now read on and feel the joyful vibrancy of our ASL team~

ASL Art Spring Landscape
✎What is natural?What is unnatural? Prior to the advent of the human civilizations, all of the living things in the world enjoyed their own way of living. Microbes, animals and plants and so on intertwined and interacted with each other to form a natural living environment. This was an environment naturally formed on the basis of the intrinsic features of varied lives. Since the start of the development of human civilizations, the natural environment in which different lives interacted and intertwined with each other has been constantly damaged. Man intrudes upon the natural environment as the destroyer. We in the landscape team has never stopped our thinking and exploring of the man-nature relationship and how to attain man-nature harmony.
✎ In order to further our understanding of the relationship between man and nature, ASL landscape design team took an explorative tour on July 31st 2015 around the Tea Stream Valley of OCT East Theme Park to think about what is natural and what is unnatural.
✎ OCT East Theme Park covers an area of nearly 9 km2. It is a national-level demonstrative eco-tour area aimed at“having the urban dwellers return to the embrace of nature”and featuring varied cultural tours. Embracing the local terrains of hills and water bodies, OCT East Theme Park has carved out three major attractions: Warrior Valley, Tea Stream Valley and Cloud Sea Valley. It offers a whole range of ecological sightseeing, leisure and recreational activities and outdoor sports. Here you will be so comfortably close to nature.
✎Tea Stream Valley is a themed park located in OCT East, where antiquely elegant structures nestle in the arms of densely luxuriant woods. The pace of life is so slowed down that you may sit down idly, sipping tea and listening to whispers of wind. Humans harbor intense yearnings for nature. Will they rethink the relationship with nature when they suddenly find themselves immersed in green again after having lived a confined life in the concrete jungle?
▵ Perfect Union of Natural Environment and Man-made Structures in the Tea Spring Valley
▵ ASL Team Explores the Relationship between Man and Nature Deep in Tea Stream Valley
✎ Nature has its own order, which is in itself perfect and reasonable. The processes from birth to decay and the messy and wild diversities are beauty itself. With a huge variety of features and life experiences, Nature balances all living things in its own ways. We should begin to consider in what ways humans can fit into nature, instead of destroying nature as he has always done. Natural changes are closely bound up with human behaviors. Even the slightest move may affect the whole situation. The environment in which we live is essentially a natural one though it may seem to be man-made. It is a little paradoxical to seek both comfort and conservation in this era of ours. Only by continuously exploring a better way to harmonize the relationship between man and nature and then stick to it can we protect nature in the true sense.
✎ASL team has toured around the Tea Stream Valley, feeling in person the graceful harmony between nature and buildings and breathing the fresh air of forests. This has proved to be a thought-provoking tour. ASL team will keep on the course of exploring the relationship between natural and un-natural and believe in a better performance by us.
✎ The tour in Tea Stream Valley has not only enlightened us about the issue between man and nature but also left us a beautiful memory.
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