FIRE of Group Cohesion ▏Art Spring Landscape Won Two Prizes of the 10th Kinpan Awards for Southern China Region

As the fairest non-governmental real estate development awards in China, Kinpan Awards chronicles the progresses of China’s real estate industry in the form of yearbook, devoted to benchmarking the real estate products. Levering the multi-channel branding advantages of and Times House magazine as well as its unrivaled experience and resources accumulated in many years, Kinpan Awards aims at leading the industry towards healthy, orderly and sustained development. Its values have gained wide recognition among the real estate developers and designers.
ASL has won two prizes in the 10th Kinpan Awards:
Best Commercial Project: Shenzhen Bay No. 1 in Guangdong
Best Residential Project: PURE33, in Shenzhen, Guangdong.
ASL has won the best commercial project prize in Southern China region at the 10th Kinpan Awards

ASL has won the best residential project prize for Southern China region at the 10th Kinpan Awards

The Best Commercial Project
Project Name: Guangdong Shenzhen Bay No. 1

Introduction: This project is located at the waterfront area next to the enclosed lake of Shenzhen Bay. It is the first project to be seen from Shenzhen Bay Port to the south. This is a high-end urban complex that combines the functions of office, residence and commerce, which will be a landmark in the Houhai district. With an eye for meeting the needs of the future and to adding to the beauty of this uniquely scenic area in terms of history and terrain, it acts as a bridge, both in terms of its architectural form and its rich spiritual connotation, linking the remote scenery of the mountain range and the coastline on one side, and the orderly dynamic view of the Houhai district on the other.

Best Residential Project
Project Name: PURE33, Shenzhen, Guangdong

Introduction: The end of 2011 witnessed the founding of Dapeng New District, the latest addition to the functional districts of Shenzhen. Aiming at building itself into an international holiday destination, strategic nesting zone for emerging industries, and the core area of a national-level demonstrative city of marine economy, and a key preserve of ecological and biological resources, in a word, a world-level ecological-oriented coastal city proper, Dapeng Peninsula has ushered in an unprecedented number of new opportunities for development.

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