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In November 2015, 5 ASL colleagues (4directors and 1 project manager) together with over 40 outstanding landscapedesigners from across China formed a travel study & visit group, visitedthe more representative 5 cities in middle-east America (Chicago, New York,Boston, Philadelphia and Washington), communicated with several famous designfirms including Sasaki, James Corner Field Operations, Olin and SOM, andvisited the Harvard University School of Design, a prestigious university inthe USA.
On 7-8, November 2015, the travel study& visit team as a member of the Chinese delegation attended the 2015 annualmeeting of the ASLA, developed an understanding of the landscape industry inChina and the USA through in-depth exchanges with other delegations and workedtogether with them to explore the new development situation of the industry.

he ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects),founded in 1899, is a global professional association. The annual meeting ofthe ASLA covers a wide varieties of exhibitions on materials, building andbooks relating to the landscape design industry, which give a full picture ofthe cutting edge technologies and information of the landscape design industryin the USA, seminars on different themes as well as the presentation ceremonyof the ASLA professional awards, which brings together the winners of theawards to the annual meeting.

The ASL design directors took a photo withYu Kongjian after end of the seminar.

After end of the seminar, the ASL designdirectors took a photo with Mr Danilo Palazzo, Director of the University Of Cincinnati School Of Design.

The ASL design directors learned the newlandscaping materials in detail and carried out discussions about thecharacteristics, use methods as well as environmental renewability of thematerials, etc. with the exhibitors.

The ASL design directors attended theseminars of the professional courses, discussed and exchange ideas about thelatest landscape design concepts with the outstanding designers from across thecountry.
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