Dec,25th ,2015
FIRE of GROUP COHESION ‖The Landscape Architect that Gives the Best Gifts This Year

At the beginning, the editor pays respect to the routine by exclaiming: How time flies!Having spent the whole day pondering over how to send the season’s greetings in the most gracious way, I am waiting in thrill for the upcoming gift-exchange!! In short, let’s do it in the old-fashioned way:
Merry Christmas, Help Yourselves to the Food and Drinks and Have Fun.


On the festive night of Christmas, ASL held a party to observe the occasion. Everyone acted as everyone else’s Santa Claus in the cold winter at the end of the year. We used to receive gifts from the hands of our parents in our childhood. Then we grow up to open our parcel of gifts sent from afar. And now we open the gift box carefully prepared by those near and dear to us. We are more moved than surprised. Love blossoms in everyone’s face…

Are You Merry at Christmas? Will You Come Tomorrow?

Everything Is Ready. All We Need Is You.
New-Year-Themed Wine Reception
Qualification: All that We Require Is: Animal, Animal, Animal,
Since important information needs to be repeated three times
That is, Your Ticket! So Long As You Carry an Element of Animal with You, You Are Welcome ~
2:30-3:00 Admission +Wine
3:00-5:00 Feast of Nature Music Lecture, Wine Tasting
5:00-6:00 Forest PARTY Contest
Gifts: Small Gift-ASL New Year Greeting Card
Big Gift-ASL Stationery Sets
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