FOCUS on the Scene‖Who Has Seen This Most IN Exhibition in The Past Weekend

n the past weekend, friends have all been in Guan Shanyue.
With so much publicity here, I wonder whether you have come or not?
Anyway I have been there, and learnt a lot.

“The 2nd China Design Exhibition and Public Art Exhibition” jointly held by Cultural Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, and the People’s Government of Shenzhen City was open to the public in Shenzhen on January 9th 2016. Its theme is “Design·Responsibility”, and cultural missions that design and public art should assume. This theme is the continuation of the first exhibition themed “Time ·Creation”, further expounding on the temporal position and value orientation of design and public art.
Mr. Dong Wei, member of the CPC committee of Cultural Ministry and vice-minister, announced the exhibition officially open. Mr. Fang Jianhong, director of the Cultural Administration of Guangdong Province, and Mr. Li Xiaogan, member of the standing committee of CPC committee of Shenzhen City and Head of the Publicity Department, addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of Shenzhen People’s Government. Those who attended the opening ceremony included Mr. Liu Dawei, vice-chairman of China Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles and chairman of Chinese Artists Association, and Mr. Chu Di, head of the Arts Office of the Cultural Ministry, and Mr. Yang Shu, vice-director of the Cultural Administration of Guangdong Province, and Jiang Yuyang, Wu Yihuan, Wang Pu and other leaders of Shenzhen City and representatives of artists. This opening ceremony presented the rich variety of current design and public art in China.
ASL and Exhibition Guests
After the opening ceremony, the exhibition was officially started. As an exhibitor, ASL exchanged with experts on the conservation of wetlands, self-purification of the aquatic creatures. Our achievements were recognized and affirmed by experts, and helped the visitors understand the content of the ecological aspect of landscape design.

Mr. Dong Wei, vice cultural minister, Mr. Chu Di, head of Arts Office of the Cultural Ministry, and Mr. Shi Jiansheng, the curator, visited ASL booth.

Mr. Dong Wei, vice cultural minister, Ms. Wu Yihuan, vice-mayor of Shenzhen City visited the landscape cases guided by Mr. Shi Jiansheng

Mr. Shi Jiansheng, ASL Lab team leader and curator, talked with Mr. Yu Kongjian about the exhibition.

ASL talks with Ms. Liu Hui, professor with Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology on the exhibition cases.
ASL and Peers

ASL talks with Mr. Du Yun, chief designer and partner of Bilude Company
(His design work for the exhibition-Yinchuan Aiyihe Riverfront Landscape Park)

ASL talks with Mr. Shen Tongsheng, vice president of the Greater China area of AECOM
(His design work for the exhibition-Weishan Lake National Wetland Parkonghu·Chunsen Land 3rd Phase)
Interaction with the Audience

ASL Attends the Professional Forum

Mr. Hangjian, the Convener

Mr. Chu Di, head of the arts office of the Cultural Ministry

Mr. Zhang Yiwu, director of Beijing University Cultural Resources Research Center, and vice-director of Beijing Cultural Bureau

Mr. Yu Kongjian, Dean of Beijing University Architecture and Landscape Design College
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