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Zou Shengming
Landscape designer

How to realize the ecological landscape space in the cultural context
Zhouzhuang Village impresses the world as the No. 1 water village by the south of Yangtze River. That “the town is embraced by water and boat is a must for transport” reflects the life in this village the best for thousands of years. Water is the soul of Zhouzhuang and its lifeblood.
The beauty of Zhouzhuang is the perfect combination of culture and nature, and it is a kind of artistic conception! Bridges, water lanes, water streets, boats, black tile, low houses, willows, ancient lanes, graceful Kunqu Opera and boating on lake, moonlight over the lotus pond, everywhere is a piece of poetic paintings, and a scene of happy life. To us, the wetland design of the Moon River is not just a landscape design for an ecological space, but the respect and inheritance of culture. With ecological wetland as base, the south Yangtze River culture as the soul, modern landscape design methods are adopted for expression of the 6 topics, Willow Brushing the Embankment, Port of Caiping Islet, Paddy Fragrance Castle, the Moonlight over the Lotus Pond, Fishing by the Night and Shallow Beach with Gull Herons, each subject combining culture themes for different situation design, providing people a chance to experience the poetic life by the south of Yangtze River.
He Jinwei
Landscape designer

Via the Flags Plaza and the bamboo forest, we arrive at the Moon River where an open inner lake situates and islets in the wetland park are like green jades scattering on lakes. Looking from a distance, we see jungles and the rapid screams crossing lanes. Over bridges and bridges, we walk in the nature leisurely and know more about the nature and ecology in a scientific way, and find fun. Each and every bridge talks with the water. The wetland park is not only a good place to know more about the nature, but also an integration of leisure and culture for the design of different scene spaces. The outdoor halls and sightseeing platforms of the Moonlight over the Lotus Pond, the yacht docks by the Caiping Islet, the birds seeing tower and children’s playground on the Shallow Beach with Gull Herons, the fishing area in the Fishing by the Night, and the wedding plaza and leisure sports range by the Paddy Fragrance Castle make people happy while inherit the nature and culture.
Chen Huangquan
Technical Director
The Moon River Wetland Park is made artificially under the planning of ecologic ideal and is the core part in this area. The plane structure of the wetland has taken into account the ecological benefits and carries out a rational vertical, water level and water depth design based on surrounding hydrological data and biological survival conditions. The arrangements of the ecological island have given careful consideration on ecological demands and landscape space and vision while satisfying the earthwork balance inside the base. Water networks of different levels and islands finally form the natural wetland landscape. During the design and implementation of the whole project, water purification and circulation, construction of biological community, research and application of local factors have our most attention.
Huang Yongsheng
Structural designer
Structure design of the Moon River mainly consists of four parts, landscape constructions, bridges, cofferdams and the periphery retaining structure of green islands. Combined with the positioning of the project, different proposals for structure of cofferdam and green island enclosure are compared and according to water depth and structure height, the structure project's impact on the environment is reduced as far as possible and finally most technically feasible sections adopt the traditional pine pile cofferdam and enclosure structure. Other structures of the project mainly adopt the rubble piling and steel structure. Retaining wall by rubble piling is the main structure form of waterfronts and bridges in Zhouzhuang, which has solved the structure functions, but also as been transplanted to the project as a Zhouzhuang landscape symbol. The integration of steel structure makes the construction light, reduces the impact on the natural tone, and thus grants people with better ecological nature!
Liu Yongping
Water designer
Water system planning of the Moon River focuses on the main parts of two lakes and one belt, which connect with smaller ones to form an intertwining water network. According to the hydrological data of the rapid water port, we determined the elevation of water, and the rapid water port is separated from the internal water system of the wetland through a cofferdam, around which islets are placed. Two gates are set up on the cofferdam based on water discharge and supplement. At the beginning of the design the ecological significance of the wetland park is identified as reserving water in flooding period, purification and discharge and purifying the water by the side of the rapid water port section. During design, cooperation is made with designers from Shanghai Ocean University for evaluation of raw water quality and the quantitative calculation of biological community as the basis of design and construction. As seen now, water at 1m deep is satisfactorily clean and transparent. In raining season lakes can reserve rain drops and purify it by the circulation and metabolism of ecological system, while in drought season, water is used for irrigation, achieving the sponge practice of unit fragment in urban water circulation.
Fang Dongliang Plant designer
Plant design for the Moon River Wetland Park takes into account not only the landscape effects, but also the ecological demands of the entire water environment and the inheritance of the long-term culture in the Zhouzhuang Ancient Town.
In the ecological wetland as a water conservation area, roots and stems of emergent aquatic plants are possible to retain water flow, deposit sands and mud, and absorb pollutants in water; floating plants and submerged plants as producers provide oxygen and food for fishes, shrimps and planktonic microorganisms in water, so as to achieve the biological self-purification and reproduction of the water environment and the virtuous cycle of the water ecological system.
Zhouzhuang, the village of fish and rice, is dominated by wetlands for farming. In design, in combination of different culture themes, rice and lotus are taken as the expression factors of plant design, and separated from the Chinese silvergrass and reeds growing naturally in the wetland, to provide people with different feast of eyes of plant landscapes in different seasons.

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