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Urban design
Central Area Plaza,
Shenzhen is a city integrated both elegant natural elements --- mountains and the sea. This topography has a full display in the center axis of the city’s central district, which connects Lianhua Mountain in the north with the sea in the south. Therefore, how to embody the characteristics of the natural elements in the design becomes an inevitable connotation, namely, the principle of nature.
OCT Rose Plaza,
The plaza, located on the space functional axis of Tang Lang Mountain -OCT-Shenzhen Bay, also lies in the continuous landscape areas consisting of Yan Han Mountain Park, OCT Ecological Plaza, Walmart Commercial Plaza, Sculpture Plaza and OCT Theme Plaza. It serves as a pedestrian landscape platform across Shenzhen Rd.
City Lakeside center,
The planning scheme we have put forward is a balanced, integrated and creative one, filled with the full understanding and exploration of the unique characteristics of the water town, expressing the wishes and poetic emotion to create a waterfront ecological city center, which can reflect the distinctive features of the times.
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