About us
ASL Atson Landscape was founded in Shenzhen in 2002 and established in Hangzhou in 2018. ASL Atson Landscape is a professional design agency with "landscape planning and design" as its core.It is an international design team composed of senior designers from abroad, returned scholars from overseas and outstanding designers from China.After 18 years of development, the company has more than 100 employees and gradually transformed into a cultural and creative industry platform based on "design". Its business covers landscape design, ecological planning, public art, etc. It has diversified, open and inclusive corporate culture.

As a systematic landscape service expert, ASL has established 1000+ boutique projects in 50+ cities across China, and has formed a good cooperative relationship with China's TOP50 real estate developers.We constantly improve formed in the process of practice of "integration" project operating management system, with the design of the rigorous attitude and comprehensive control of the project, the value of design will eventually translate into more abundant, providing customers with the whole life cycle of products and services, the customers and the recognition of the industry, and won special grade b design qualification.

As an enterprise with an international vision, ASL attaches great importance to exchanges with international landscape industry associations, and has been invited to join the Landscape Association of China and Japan and the American Landscape Architects Association.In practice, the company has established deep cooperative relations with international famous design institutions such as Callison, Nikken Sekkei, JCFO, SCDA, EDSA, MSP, Bensley, Rijian, And Jeon Wenyan, aiming to explore the deep integration of environmental design and brand with diversified design thinking.

In the future, ASL will also continue to explore the possibilities of urban development and environmental creation.It USES cross-boundary thinking, combines landscape with multi-disciplinary way to solve spatial problems, shows the spirit of place, and USES innovative methods and extreme customized services to answer individual needs, striving to realize the ideal of "creating a beautiful urban living life".


Origin of the name


ASL is a short name for "art-spring Landscape", which means "artistic Spring" and also means "hope of Landscape". It expresses our desire to get out of path dependence, re-examine the reality, constantly surpass ourselves, understand creation from the perspective of time and space, and create a beautiful world in the future.


design philosophy


We believe that all structural systems have the most fundamental truth in nature -- "prototype", which allows space, environment and structure to be integrated and aesthetics and engineering to interact with each other.This is what we define as the contemporary landscape.


For us, modern revolutionary means, means everything changed nothing down, nothing up, means establishing a new standard, new order, a new paradigm of the contemporary landscape, means "what all don't break", but by not whole to multiple paths, and not the conversion but for the way of infiltration, based on the existing "access", "connected" existing elements, new and old to mix, "suture" to reshape the value...


We believe in the impact of new concepts and technological updates on space production and can point to the future.By maximizing the mining and integration of urban resources, combining unique aesthetic insights and creative design ideas, we provide each customer with time-tested and impressive designs, thus creating different values.

Growth power

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  • 100+

    More Than 100 People In The Team

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    The Project Covers More Than 50 Cities In China

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    Over 1000 Projects Launched

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    Serve More Than 80 Developers

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